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Reclamation of lands of Isfara – Lyakkan Valley, Tajikistan

Reclamation of lands of Isfara – Lyakkan Valley, Tajikistan

On 18 October Transboundary Water Management in Central Asia Programme office in Tajikistan signed a contract with “Fayzi Farhod” Construction Company to implement the Pilot Project “Reclamation of lands of Isfara – Lyakkan Valley” in Soughd province of Tajikistan.

Current condition of this area is characterized by high level of ground waters, which makes it impossible to plant many common cultures, but sunflowers. Even apricot orchards, which are considered to be able to withstand high water levels are drying out in this area. The situation is also worsened by the fact that Navruz pumping station, which used to drain the fields through drainage-collector system is out of order with only one aggregate out of 6 functioning. Deteriorated condition of drainage-collector system, coupled with non-operational pumping station lead to the loss of significant amount of productive lands and poor economy situation and living standards of local inhabitants.

Pilot Project “Reclamation of lands of Isfara-Lyakkan Valley,” implemented by GIZ is aimed at cleaning and rehabilitation of the part of collector and drainage network named K-2 and its runs (K-2-1, K2-2 etc) of the Lyakkan valley in total length of 9 km. Rehabilitation of this system is vital for the farmers of the area because proper operation of the drainage network would provide for improved ameliorative condition of around 600 hectares of lands, thereby improving the lives of 25000 people depending on the profits from these fields.