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Transboundary Water Management in Central Asia

Fish protection facility at the North Aral Sea has started operating

On 17 June 2020, at the Kokaral Dam (the North Aral Sea) in the Aral District of the Kyzylorda Region, an official ceremony was held to start the operation of a fish protection facility (RZU) in the framework of an international project to ensure safety, conservation and development of fish stocks in the Northern Aral Sea Region...


Green Central Asia

🇪🇺 A high-level conference in Berlin launched on Tuesday (28 January) the “Green Central Asia”, initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Federal Republic of Germany as part of the new EU Strategy for Central Asia and Afghanistan.
The conference was attended by the heads of the foreign affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Union, Central Asian states, and Afghanistan, experts on climate, as well as representatives of scientific and public circles, business and the media.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, who hosted the conference, stressed that the states of Central Asia and Afghanistan were particularly...


The next stage is behind

On December 22, 2019, the delivery of a set of equipment for the operation and maintenance of a hydro-acoustic fish protection device to the Kokaral dam of the Aral Sea was completed.

Piles are installed to pull the cable, which will hold the elements of the device in the required area.

🏗 The surface part and the necessary equipment were shipped. An equipped container for service personnel and device control has been installed.

All work on the manufacture, delivery of fastening and installation structures, the purchase of components for RPE for a sonar fish protection device (RPU) in accordance with Agreement No...


Dr. Caroline Milow is excellent says the water sector of Uzbekistan

On December 9, 2019 in Tashkent, on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the day of agricultural workers, the awarding ceremony was held at the Ministry of Water Resources.

Along with the management and representatives of the ministry, its territorial and structural units, the team leader of our programme, Dr. Caroline Milow, was awarded the medal “Uzbekiston Republikasi suv ho’jaligi alochisi” (Excellence in Water Management of the Republic of Uzbekistan)...


Memorandum of cooperation for the restoration of fish in the Northern Aral Sea region

On July 11, 2019, in Kyzylorda, a tripartite memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the Executive Directorate of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan (IFAS IF in Kazakhstan), and the Akimat (Local Government) of the Kyzylorda Oblast’ on the implementation of the project “Ensuring Security, conservation and development of fish stocks in the Northern Aral Sea region. Capacity Building of the Aral-Syrdarya Basin Council” within the framework of the Programme “Transboundary Water Resources Management Program in Central Asia”.

The main objec...


Regional seminar “Rational use of transboundary water resources and their conservation for future generation”

On 23-24 August 2019 a regional seminar “Rational use of transboundary water resources and their conservation for future generation” was held in Ferghana/Uzbekistan. The event was supported by the GIZ regional programme “Transboundary Water Management in Central Asia”.

The seminar was attended by over 50 specialists representating local authorities, self-government bodies of citizens of water management organizations, departments and experts from the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Tajikistan.

Regional experts and representatives of international organizations gave presentations on water cooperation...


74th regular meeting of the Interstate Commission for Water Coordination in Central Asia

On August 22, 2018, the 74th regular meeting of the Interstate Commission for Water Coordination in Central Asia (ICWC) was held in the city of Turkmenbashi.

The meeting was chaired by ICWC member from Turkmenistan Mr. M.Bayramdurdyev, with participation of other ICWC members – Mr. Y.N.Nysanbayev from of Kazakhstan, Mr. S.N.Rakhimzoda from Tajikistan, and Mr.Sh.R.Khamraev from Uzbekistan. The event was attendant by the heads of executive bodies (BWO Amudarya, BWO Syrdarya, SIC ICWC, and Secretariat), representatives of EC IFAS, head of the Executive Board of IFAS in Kazakhstan, and invited persons.

The following items were included in the a...

TWMCA Regional Conference

On 4- 5 December, 2017 the Transboundary Water Management in Central Asia Programme  (TWMCA) conducted a regional conference “German Central Asia Water Initiative (the “Berlin Process”)

Sustainability, Results and Opportunities”, which took place in the Best Western Atakent Park Hotel in Almaty.

The purpose of this regional conference was to share the knowledge and best practices accumulated by the TWMCA Programme in the course of implementing projects with national, regional and international partners, as well as to discuss the prospects for international and regional cooperation for the sustainable management of transboundary water...


Media Tour organised by German Embassy in Uzbekistan visited Samarkand

On 23-26 October 2017, the German Ambassador to Tashkent, Mr. Günter Overfeld visited Samarkand Region to acquaint himself with programmes financed by the German government. Among those was the Bad Bad Irrigation Canal which was rehabilitated by the Transboundary Water Management in Central Asia Programme commissioned by the German Federal Foreign Office. The main water intake structure of the canal was reconstructed and electrified. After the rehabilitation works, the efficiency of water supply and water use of the canal increased up to 90%.

The water loss decreased significantly from 40% down to 7-10%...

Reclamation of lands of Isfara – Lyakkan Valley, Tajikistan

On 18 October Transboundary Water Management in Central Asia Programme office in Tajikistan signed a contract with “Fayzi Farhod” Construction Company to implement the Pilot Project “Reclamation of lands of Isfara – Lyakkan Valley” in Soughd province of Tajikistan.

Current condition of this area is characterized by high level of ground waters, which makes it impossible to plant many common cultures, but sunflowers. Even apricot orchards, which are considered to be able to withstand high water levels are drying out in this area...